Privacy Policy for Meteogram and Meteogram Pro

In order to produce the meteogram, this app of course needs to fetch weather data for the requested location. The location is therefore sent from the device in a chart request, along with other settings associated with the chart. This is no different to any other weather app, which cannot fetch the data it needs without such requests. The request information is cached for a short time on a server, to assist with support requests, but is not retained.

For debugging and support purposes, a completely anonymous ID is included in the request. It is only possible for the developer to associate the anonymous ID (and therefore the chart requests) with a specific user when further information is voluntarily provided by the user, for example by email in a support request.

The ID is a cryptographic hash of a device ID provided by the Android SDK, and is not the device ID itself. To enable certain features, in particular those that provide a degree of personalisation, the app will ask for the user to specify one of the existing accounts already registered on the device to associate with the app. For example, for those weather providers that require credits, an account is required for management of these credits.

However, even in that case it should be noted that this app does not have any access rights to the account itself or any associated account credentials (such as the account password). The app cannot therefore access anything associated with the account. In addition, the app does not have access to the user's contacts. The app merely uses a cryptographic hash of the account name as a user ID that is both unique to the user and completely anonymous. Where such a user ID is available, it is used in preference to the device ID mentioned above.

By using the same account name (user ID) on different devices, consistent use of this app can thereby be achieved across devices (e.g. credits purchased on one device can be used also on another device that is associated with the same account).

Furthermore, please note that all communications between the app and the remote server take place over a secure, encrypted (SSL) connection, so none of the information in the requests can be read by a third party.